I bought these candles while in Raleigh for my son's soccer tournament (I live in FL). They are amazing! I swear it seems like they burn forever, and the delectable smell lasts through to the very last bit of wick. Love that they are clean burning and made by someone sweet who is obviously also very caring. Just ordered some more on her Etsy shop!

Heather Anderson Mann

Can I just say these are the very best candles ever!!! As a migraine suffer these don't trigger or give me any type of headache! She is also so kind!!!

Stephanie Hartofelis Chorman

Love the smell of these candles! They burn evenly, which is great. I had one lit today for 6 hours and barely any was used and the fragrance was just enough without being overbearing! Loving the fall scents! So happy to have stumbled upon this company!


Jaime Penninger